Thursday, 23 June 2011

more bits n bobs

Had a good visit to the charity shop on tuesday, picked up 3 double sized fleece blankets, £2.50 for all 3,.
I always sleep on fleece blankets, summer or winter, i must have been a dog in a former life !
Carboot sale on sunday was rubbish, only 3 rows of cars, walked round it in ten mins, plus it started raining, so only bought another Milkybar Money box for 50p, here he is with his mate :)
Must put this book on, I love books, even though they are taking over the house, but when I saw a handful of old books a few weeks ago , I just had to have them, in amongst them was this one, cost 25p,
Didn't notice at first that it has an inscription inside, from 1893, that makes it 118 yrs old !
I use for my family history, so checked out Percy Hawley Dunn,
found out he was born in 1879 in lancashire, at 21 he was working in a railway station as were the rest of the family, he married Clara in 1908 and died in 1935.


  1. How amazing - I love vintage books, that's a beauty. Wasn't handwriting so beautiful then too?

  2. And you've squeezed Tim Minchin's bum??!


    Ok, gotta stalk you now ;-)

  3. lol, oh that bum squeeze ! purely accidental of course !
    as for the books, i'd kill to be able to write like that !