Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Singer for Magpie monday

Working this morning so missed the big boot sale, but after cooking a sunday dinner for 16, I popped up to the little afternoon one.
Right at the bottom of the field I found this for £4 !!! and the blokes son carried it back to my car for me too :)
It's a 1920 singer sewing machine, its been converted (i think) to electric, I haven't dared to plug it in yet !!!
I don't really like electric machines, I prefer treadle or hand cranked (I have one of each ), but I love the decals on this one, its still filthy, the husband is hopefully going to clean it tomorrow and maybe test it !
sorry the pics are a bit rubbish.
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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Couple of car boots worth

What a strange mix of stuff I got this week, to start off,
a silver plated tea set for just £1, I don't know if I like it or not, theres a couple of sets just like it on ebay, so I don't think its very old, which is a shame,
next up is a Tiny Tears doll from the 70's, as a child I always wanted one but never got one, I'd been looking at them on ebay last week, just for reminiscings sake, so  was surprised to see one yesterday for £1. Shes had a bath and washed her hand knitted clothes, and will now become another dust catcher, lol.
I love aprons, or pinnys as we call em, so was chuffed to get this unopened Domestos apron from thier 2007 offer, bought it from my workmates who had a stall, for 50p, cheers girls !
Found this Bossons 'punjarbi' head for £1, its awful but cool
I got these 2 books for 50p each, one says first published in 1935, but the cookery one looks about 40's/50's
last of all, but my favorite is this 8 day mantle clock, for £2,  we gave it one turn of the key and it ticked for a couple of hours so will try winding it up properly, see how it goes, don't know how old it is, maybe 30's/ 40's ???

thanks for looking, have a lovely bargain filled weekend x

Monday, 15 August 2011

just a quickie

Car boot was a bit of a wash out, only about 20 cars there, but as soon as I got in I saw this 70's classic,
a huge 'Wings of love' picture, bargain at £2, the wifey said 'he's had it hanging above our bed for years, thank god it's going !!'

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Saturday finds

It's been a rubbish week for car booting, thanks to the flipping rain !!
So had a ride over to the charity shop, there were two annoying families in there, with whiney kids and loud voices, constantly yackking on and on!!
But managed to find a couple of things :)
First is this Sherwood Ridgway 'white mist' tea set, £3
theres 6 saucers, 6 small plates, 1 cake plate, Tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, but only 5 cups, plus the daft old buggers who wrapped it up forgot to put the jug and bowl in, despite me repeatedly saying 'is it all in the bags?' anyway I rang them and they are putting them behind the counter with my name on till monday, arghh but I want to play with them all now !!! lol

Next we have a chicken plate, £1,
I know I have far too many cups but thought these were too pretty to resist, 25p each
This is a Beswick mouse my daughter bought for £2, he's called Steve, aparently .
Thanks for looking, hope you all find some fab things too this weekend. :)
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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Chicken mad

if you like a cock or two, or if hens make you happy, pop over to note songs blog for chickeny fun :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Our horses

The big bay is Ruby  (Taybog Rose Marie), she's a 14.2hh reg Welsh cob mare aged 15, we've had her 10 yrs.

Storm (Rhydspence Kinder ), the grey, is a reg Welsh sec B stallion, he's 5 yrs old, we got him as a yearling.

Chaos is a Shetland gelding, he's 7 yrs old. we got him as a yearling too.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

This weeks goodies

Not been a good week for me teethwise, I have been panicking constantly about going to have one of my front teeth pulled out and 2 front teeth filled, last time I had a tooth out I fainted !! Anyway Doc gave me some valium and I managed to survive the experience, just have to get used to having 2 false teeth at the front  :(
So onto the good stuff, first a nice Swan tea pot set (2 teapots and milk jug, forgot to photo the smaller t-pot) £2.
Next up another milk jug and sugar bowl aluminium this time , NCJ ltd, 40p,
Being a bit of a chicken fan, I had to have this wobbley hen, 50p
Next, these 3 door handles, they need cleaning up and I have no idea where to use them but at 50p, I couldn't leave them behind.
Its not vintage but it is useful, a Tefal steamer for £2, the best way to cook veg !!
My mum brought me this up from yorkshire, its a printing block with a horse on. She got it for £1 at a charity shop.
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