Saturday, 6 August 2011

This weeks goodies

Not been a good week for me teethwise, I have been panicking constantly about going to have one of my front teeth pulled out and 2 front teeth filled, last time I had a tooth out I fainted !! Anyway Doc gave me some valium and I managed to survive the experience, just have to get used to having 2 false teeth at the front  :(
So onto the good stuff, first a nice Swan tea pot set (2 teapots and milk jug, forgot to photo the smaller t-pot) £2.
Next up another milk jug and sugar bowl aluminium this time , NCJ ltd, 40p,
Being a bit of a chicken fan, I had to have this wobbley hen, 50p
Next, these 3 door handles, they need cleaning up and I have no idea where to use them but at 50p, I couldn't leave them behind.
Its not vintage but it is useful, a Tefal steamer for £2, the best way to cook veg !!
My mum brought me this up from yorkshire, its a printing block with a horse on. She got it for £1 at a charity shop.
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  1. super finds and I hope all is well with your teeth!

  2. Wow! What a great gift from your mother! And that Swan set -- swoon! Oh, I wouldn't have been able to leave those drawer handles behind, either. They are too lovely!

  3. Some very fun finds. I hope you share more of your hens and roosters at the bird party coming up Tuesday at Note Song blog.

    Just talking about your front teeth automatically makes my tongue reach up there, even though mine was pulled several years ago.

  4. loving the wobbly hen and those handles are rather fab! hope you recover from your teeth horror!