Monday, 15 August 2011

just a quickie

Car boot was a bit of a wash out, only about 20 cars there, but as soon as I got in I saw this 70's classic,
a huge 'Wings of love' picture, bargain at £2, the wifey said 'he's had it hanging above our bed for years, thank god it's going !!'


  1. Is its awesome 70s majesty going to be gracing your boudoir in turn?

  2. not yet, it's at the top of the stairs so everyone can enjoy its wonderfulness :)

  3. This is a total classic! Love the wife's comments. My mum and dad used to have a huge nude lady picture in their bedroom, looking back at it now it was very tastefully done but at the time i used to cringe so much and all my school friends thought it was hillarious my parents had this pic :o) Scarlett x