Monday, 19 September 2011

Magpie Monday+ free chicken !

Hello to you all on this lovely sunny monday, at last I have got time to sit down after driving about all day !
So todays goodies are rather sparce, the small car booty is getting smaller, and as I worked yesterday I missed the big booty.
We did have a fair at work on saturday and I won 6 prizes in the tombola, just the usual smellies etc but I was quite pleased to get this Ringtons cup and saucer, I've even been using it !
I forgot to put this on last week, its a jaj pyrex gravy boat and saucer, £1 from the charity shop
in the background are some big sweetie jars I was given,  perfect for storing flour. cat biscuits, pasta etc, I want more !

Finally the best freebie ever, on Sunday morning I found these in the allotment !
I knew she had been sitting on eggs but didn't think they would hatch as our cockerel is a huge Cochin, twice the size of this little hen (I hatched her and him myself in the incubator last year)
Here he is in the snow,  he's even bigger now and more feathery !

I just hope all 5 are hens ! they all have feathery legs like thier Dad, so will be very pretty when they grow up, lol.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Thank you Singer

Last year I bought a cute little Singer sewing machine for £4, what a bargain, turns out they sell from £150 upwards but I thought no way, it's too fab to get rid of...
But, because of this little monster....

Who has been very naughty by escaping from his field and trying to get friendly with another pony, costing me £58 in vets bills due to a neurotic owner. He is now going to get his nuts off so my lovely sewing machine has to go to pay for it.
It sold for £206 so I might buy him a bag of carrots too !

 Storm being jumped on by Chaos for a change !

Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday bits

The car boot was a bit rubbish again today, so had a run over to the charity shop too.
Todays bits are,
2 Ringtons Rabbit mugs , made by Wade £1.50 the pair.
Next, a cute pig pomander made for Avon in 1978, 50p
Couldn't grab these fast enough !! only £1, Richards 'golden age' pinkers from about the 50's, they are gold coloured so look very posh, lol
Last but not least, these enamel tins, I only wanted the biscuit one, but she only wanted £1 for the lot, so thought I might mix 'n' match them with my pink set, and look out for another colour too, if you know what I mean !
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