Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday bits

The car boot was a bit rubbish again today, so had a run over to the charity shop too.
Todays bits are,
2 Ringtons Rabbit mugs , made by Wade £1.50 the pair.
Next, a cute pig pomander made for Avon in 1978, 50p
Couldn't grab these fast enough !! only £1, Richards 'golden age' pinkers from about the 50's, they are gold coloured so look very posh, lol
Last but not least, these enamel tins, I only wanted the biscuit one, but she only wanted £1 for the lot, so thought I might mix 'n' match them with my pink set, and look out for another colour too, if you know what I mean !
oops nearly forgot the link to magpie monday !go here, join in !


  1. I like your posh scissors!! and the mugs are brill! Glad your still alive!! ha

  2. posts like this make me want to buy more things!!
    although I already have more than I need...3 butter dishes, 2 toast racks etc etc x

  3. A pound for all those enamel storage tins??!! You're kidding right? If you knew how far and wide I hunted a couple of years ago for cream and blue enamelware.... LOL

    Love the gold pining shears. I think you'd better make them a little red satin pillow to sit on :0)

    Thanks for linking up x

  4. Hiya,just found your blog via Magpie Monday, i think its great!! love the storage tins,im going to do a first post on MM soon...havent done one before so looking forward to it x Justine