Friday, 29 July 2011

Car boot bits

Went up to the local car boot, it's still only small, but getting better!
Found these Hornsea pottery fauna vases, nice bloke selling them , let me have them for £2, plus he threw in a dog and some weird duck figures for free.
then I found this cute stove oil burner, complete with candle and bottle of oil, 50p


  1. lovely finds! I 'm a bit of a carboot addict, my bloke despairs of what I bring home, but its the thrill if the chase..finding something you never even knew you wanted or needed!! I love it. Really love that oil burner!

  2. and the bizarre techni-colour ducks are rather fab too!

  3. thanks :), they are all still sat on the table as I haven't the foggyiest idea where I'm going to put them !
    I love the burner too, if I'd have found it 30 odd yrs ago, it would have gone in my Sindy house for her to make a cuppa with !

  4. bizzarely, the day after I saw your post...and was loving the oil burner guess what i found in the local super cheap charity shop for a quid...the very same!! Its on my joy pockets post this week with a link to your blog (is that ok with you??)! Quite a coincidence, but if i hadnt seen your post I wouldnt have known what it was and wouldnt have even given it a second look! Fabba!

  5. woo hoo for teapot oil burners !!
    I shall pop over now and have a look, (link is ok by the way)