Monday, 11 July 2011

Kiln craft and fruit

Didn't fancy driving to the charity shop today as we only went there on friday so thought there probably wouldn't be anything new, but daughter nagged me into going,
Quite pleased as there were a few pieces of kiln craft, bacchus pattern, which I did have quite a lot of , but over the years has been broken, as i use it all the time. just 2 cups, 6 saucers and 6 small plates, £1, yay !

Spent an hour down the allotment picking blackcurrents, strawberries and goosegogs, not out of my garden, the bloody chickens have eaten them all, but a kind neighbour let me help myself to her stuff, :)


  1. Just had to say HI to a fello Bacchus lover! Check out mine here:
    I also love your chicken bowl you'll see why if you pop over to my blog.
    Enjoying reading yours.
    Mrs Tightwad xx

  2. I've been and visited your blog, you are a woman after my own heart !