Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Tim (Minchin)Tuesday

I have noticed that theres lots of ladies who like Tim too, so thought I'd show off my photos and explain the bum squeeze!
I had just discovered Tim in 2008, and realised he was going to be doing a gig in Durham.
Unfortunatly we were too late to get tickets, we spent all day debating if we should just go and hang about outside to try catch a glimpse of him, (sad i know for a 40 yr old woman, but my daughter liked him too) 
anyway we set off to get there at the end of the gig and decided to sneak in and buy a canvas bag from his merch stall.
Just minutes later he came wandering down to do signings, I nearly had a heart attack !!
We stood next to where he was, gazing in awe, I finally dared to speak, and asked him if it was really him that replied on his my space account as I had messaged him about calling my chicken Minchin,(oh the shame, lol),
He said yes he remembered replying, and thought it was funny.
We stood and watched him signing and he kept coming back over to us and chatting, he was most concerned that we hadn't been able to get tickets or a canvas bag, anyway to cut a long story short he gave us a free bag and put us on the guest list for the next nights gig at Darlington.
My daughter asked if she could have a photo and he jumped on me and gave me a huge hug and totally by accident i squeezed his bum (as I would do to the husband), he joked about it and in my confusion I squeezed his belly too!
He was so lovely, and genuine, so glad we decided to go.
Next night we went to Darlington, but just before we left, I sneezed and my front tooth cap flew off leaving an unatractive stump, fortunatly I managed to stick it back on with a bit of emergency filling.
The gig was fantastic and we got another hug and kiss before we left :)


  1. Thanks for that story, that'll make me smile all morning, glad he's as nice and genuine as he seems. My husband and I agree on Tim, I'm allowed him on my list! We saw him and his orchestra at the o2 - it was amazing.

  2. it still makes me smile too ;)
    lol at him being on your list.
    this was the ready for this tour in a small venue, his voice was amazing, gave me goosebumps !