Monday, 24 October 2011

At last !!!!

After a couple of boring weeks , with nothing at either the car boot or charity shop, this week there were things I wanted !!
I only went to the charity shop because I had to drop off some donations, and the first thing I spotted as I went through the door was this !
Its the 113th edition, I can't work out the date, according to google it could be either 1923 or 1931, these are some of the adverts in the back,
inside the front cover
for some reason I was only charged 75p for this and another hardback (Peter Kay's 2nd book).
Next I spotted this table cloth,
close up on the embroidery,
Who ever made it was so neat with thier stitches, it's almost as lovely on the back. £2 well spent I think !
These 6 Enoch Wedgwood plates were just £1,
close up on the pattern, they are more purpley in real life,
Next up, a pair of Colclough 'Star dust' Cup, saucer and cake plate sets, £1 for the lot

I'm off back to the shop tomorrow as my microwave blew up yesterday and I'm hoping they have some in, they are usually about a fiver, you never realise how much you use a microwave until its gone!

I'm linking up with the magpie monday gang, so pop over there and enjoy !
toodleooooo :)
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  1. Oh wow, it was worth the wait!

    Not heard of that book before but it looks fabulous - I'd have bought it for the title alone!

    Love the table cloth too. You got some really lovely pieces.

    Thanks for joining in x

  2. Great finds - the book looks really interesting! Love the tablecloth - the colours are so bright.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. The book looks fabulous - love those old ads. Complete bargain. The table cloth is a beauty too.

  4. Love the book very much and think they still do it to be honest as think I have something similar. I well remember those sort of tablecloths from back in the day. So colourful and special. I know exactly what you mean on microwave missing.