Thursday, 8 December 2011

Best freebie ever !

Last week we were given a free baby horse !

A friend of ours bought a pony and was given a rescued pony with it, as it's owner (who had rescued it) didn't have the space for him, She had found him all tied up in his tether chain so he couldn't move, his owner had just left him there and gone away on holiday, so she took him away and paid the bloke when he came back.
Anyway, our friend knows how well Amelia trains our horses, and asked if we would like him for Amelia to train, which was really weird as just the day before I had said I would love a quiet 'ploddy' cob for myself to get back into riding as my charging about days are well gone.
He is a 13.2hh cob cross trotter yearling so it will be a couple of years before I ride him, but it will give Amelia time to bombproof him !! He needs a new name as at the momment he's called Trio, and we are,'t too keen on it :)  *edited to add, we have chosen a new name, he is now Skylar !
This was him out for a walk

This is one of our other horses, Ruby, we've had her 10 years now


  1. Awww bless him - im so glad he was rescued and now has a lovely new home. Scarlett x

  2. He's a real beauty, its wonderful that he's found his way to you for a happy, healthy and fun life! brilliant xxx

  3. It seems we share a similar taste in 90s bands and a certain song. Great minds??

  4. hello falling on a bruise ! I was force fed Carter USM by my husband when I met him. So thier songs have become 'our' songs, we both have 'falling on a bruise ' tattoos, in fact the husband also has the complete ending lyrics on his back, that was signed by Jimbob and Fruitbat, then tattooed over. Jimbob had a photo of it that he put on stage during his solo gigs. yes he is tapped in the head , lol.

  5. OK, NOW I'm jealous. Tim Minchin and a new pony? One day I'll have a horse again.

    Happy new year, btw.