Thursday, 8 December 2011

This weeks bits.

Holiday from work, supposed to be sorting out my kitchen, but couldn't resist a quick trip to the charity shop, yet more junk to add to the pile :)
I got a couple of pairs of jeans for £1.50 a pair and Amelia got yet another glass paperweight for £1, then as we were leaving , saw a dinner set tucked away in the 'to be priced' room. Typically 'her who prices' wasn't in, but I said if its under a tenner could they save it for me, they rang the office and said I could have it for £10, yay ! here it is...
6 x place settings (big plate, small plate, bowl, cup + saucer) teapot, milk and sugar.
It's Myott 'Melody' design, not as old as I first thought, it was discontinued in 1982 apparently.
Last time I went I got this big  JAJ pyrex  casserole and lid for 75p
and this Meakin jug 40p
one of my stacks of tat :)


  1. Definitely not tat as far as I'm concerned - treasures would be a more apt description methinks! Absolutely love the Pyrex and the Meakin. My Mum used to have a Pyrex casserole dish identical to the middle one in your 'pile'.

  2. A very pretty stack of old tat! Actually nothing like old tat in my mind. Just not fully appreciated by all...yet ;)

  3. Such lovely things! That stack at the bottom is my idea of treasure not tat! ;-)

  4. Beautiful pattern on that blue teaset and I do like the retro graphic veg on the pyrex casserole.

  5. Such a lot of blue and white for a tenner! Wow.

    Just shows, it's always worth an ask.

    Thanks for linking up x

  6. Love the blue and white china!