Thursday, 5 April 2012

Back again :)

Hello again, after a bit of a break, heres this weeks goodies.
At the charity shop today, a big plastic box full of plates and stuff, job lot £1, I only bought it because it had a couple of JAJPyrex plates in that match the massive lot I got in January,

but in amongst them I found this pressed glass jug and 4 matching bowls
and this big plain serving dish (no makers mark tho)
Further in the shop I found these two big serving plates for £1 each, first a Meakin,
and a Tams ware,
In another box I found a bag full of cotton reels and bits of coloured cloth/craft stuff, 50p the lot.
I also got this big hardback for 50p,
 When I first went in the shop there were about 8 orange and yellow tupperware containers of various sizes on the counter at 50p each but the bloody woman in front of me had just bought the whole lot ! but I did find this huge tupperware cake container for £1 so not too dissapointed , :)

I was very pleased to get this next item, I've been wanting one for ages ! only £1, it has 2 sets of blades and a wall hanging attachment !
Saving the best till last, I absolutely love this Phoenix glass casserole dish £1.50, it must be from the 50's
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  1. Great finds, was wondering what had happened to you. I love the pressed jug and bowls as well as the cotton reels.

  2. Great finds - amazing prices! Love the Meakin - I have a jug in the same pattern - it's called ' Topic'

  3. Aaagh what a fab lot of finds. I was just squeeing over your last post too. I have a set of dinner plates, a tureen and a butterdish in that pyrex design. I love it. I'm so jealous of your finds!

    Thank you for following me x