Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dandelion Honey

Yesterday I made some Dandelion honey, just enough for one jar, just incase it was minging, but surprisingly, it is rather nice.
if anyone fancys making some , heres the recipe,

this made one jar, increase quantities as required,
about 40 flower heads,
500ml water,
a mug and a half of sugar,
1 small lemon.

1, pull out all the petals (every bit of the yellow stuff),
discard any green outside bits,
2, add to your water in a heavy pan,
3, squeeze in the juice of the lemon, then roughly chop the skin and bung in the pan too,
4, bring to the boil, and boil for about 5 mins, then put a lid on it and leave it for an hour.
5, have a cup of tea and a bikky/fag/snooze,
6,strain the lot through a piece of muslin/pair of tights/headscarf etc, I use a piece of old voile curtain.
give it a squeeze to make sure you get all the juice out.
7, pour back into the pan and add the sugar.
8, bring to the boil then simmer for anything up to an hour depending on volume ,
9, regularly test it by dripping a bit on a cold plate and poking it with your finger,
10, treat burnns to finger with cold water and an aloe vera leaf ,
11, when it feels quite sticky like honey, pour into a clean jar and pop on the lid.
12, once cooled , have another cup of tea and a slice of toast with a good dollop of the honey on,
easy !

come back soon for tomorrows recipe for Dandelion fizz, its supposed to be slightly alcoholic, yay

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  1. Used to get Dandelion and Burdock and that was gorgeous! Love your blog, your latest follower, Claire xx